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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Just had a great call with a client. They are realizing the power of data and how it can move their business to the next level.

Paper based processes are no longer viable in today’s business climate. The client took a bold step and moved their entire business to paperless, tablet centric processes. And made the change mandatory at all levels of the organization, even while some held on kicking and screaming (maybe it wasn’t that dramatic) to their Excel spreadsheets. It was well thought out, well executed and properly deployed.

Now that there is lots of data they never had visibility to they are seeing information and trends they could never take action on before, because the data wasn’t ever in one place. When clients ask us “What can you do for my department or company that we cannot accomplish with Excel, Access or Microsoft Project?” the answer is always: collaboration. Whether it’s a team of 5 people or 500 people – not having your data readily accessible at all levels is crippling to an organization.

What happens when the person that updates all of your data is out sick for a couple of days or your Excel guru leaves the company? The answer is moving to a cloud-based workspace, which allows you to grow your business. And better yet, a solution that grows with your business.

Trinity has been an Intuit QuickBase Solution Provider for 11+ years. We have seen some amazing transformations when our clients leave the world of Excel and MS Project, and begin to collaborate with their teams using cloud-base applications. It does not stop there though; we have clients who use QuickBase for asset management, resource management, inventory management using barcode scanning, accounting and HR…and many more business needs.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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