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7 Benefits of Using Customized Business Software

7 Benefits of Using Customized Business Software

It’s an amazing feeling when you work with a company that’s expanding and scaling exactly according to your game plan. With any growth, there can be growing pains, and that’s okay. We focus on meeting challenges with proactive solutions that enhance your business operation. 

One of the most common issues that businesses face when scaling is moving on from commercial ‘off-the-shelf’ (COTS) software and utilizing custom software applications. On the surface, COTS software may seem cheaper and easier to use because it’s mass-produced.

But, that’s where the benefits of using commercial off-the-shelf software dry up. There are strong business benefits to deploying a custom software application.


Benefits of Using a Customized Business Software

Let’s examine the top seven reasons why your company will gain traction rolling out customized business software.


1. Long-Term Cost Benefits

Let’s get right into it: when you are developing custom software in-house, there are potentially some serious cost barriers to consider. It takes time, company effort, and capital to get a software development up and running.

But, custom software solutions have a serious long-term cost benefit. There are large potential savings as you develop more efficient operational processes while avoiding COTS software fees. While there may be a greater upfront investment, custom software pays dividends down the line, especially when an enterprise can use custom software to drastically improve the efficiency of their organization.


2. Software Built to Your Exact Specifications

Instead of dealing with the limitations of off-the-shelf software, your company instead has access to a solution that is designed exactly according to your needs. Imagine a delightful mix of integration with your internal processes and existing software/hardware while simultaneously streamlining and improving your business operation.

With custom software, you can update, improve, and upgrade whenever your company needs to. There is considerable competitive advantage in having an ability to quickly modify and improve your software platforms. While your competitors wait for the next software update, your team is innovating and improving your process.

3. Beautiful Scalability

We often see businesses mired in endless upgrade costs, troubleshooting delays, licensing fees, and infrastructure issues when using off-the-shelf software. It’s to be expected. But why hold your company back? Scalability is an important factor to consider moving forward.

Is your software scalable enough to account for your current business requirements AND your future growth needs? Take a look at your wish list. As your firm grows, you’ll likely need to add software features while onboarding additional staff and even departments to the mix. Does your COTS software cut it or does your team need something more dynamic?



4. Automation and Effectiveness

Does your company find itself changing business processes to match the functionality of your COTS software? This is a sure-fire sign that it’s time to create custom software that can meet every challenge. You need a program that’s fully integrated and can improve upon your business processes.

Customized business solutions can simultaneously integrate with your business operation and automate almost any function of an organization to a higher level than typical off-the-shelf software. Imagine having software functionality that perfectly aligns with your business. No more adjusting your business to fit the capabilities of a limited software platform. Instead, enjoy less effort and staff training and more synergy and automated work processes. Faster efficiencies almost always translate to reduced overhead and cost savings.


5. System Integration

Many companies design custom software applications that enable more effective integration with your existing systems. Examples of this include API integration with accounting software, or integrations with popular file management programs like Box and Dropbox.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to integration and it’s an effective technique for avoiding errors, redundancy, and the hassle of searching between systems. When your company data is streamlined and integrated, it’s amazing how much efficiency and ease your business can achieve. 


6. Access to Outside Expertise

If your company decides to develop custom software, your team will need to select an excellent vendor that can deliver your project requirements. It’s also a bonus when they bring unique solutions and innovation to the table. Work with a business process solutions provider who has proven experience developing software and has case studies that are worth bragging about.

Any good developer will give you advice and strategy that addresses technical factors such as APIs, data consolidation, data migration, data structures, protocols, software merging, user authentication, and functionality. When properly utilized, they can serve as your consultant and help you determine budget, timeline, and project scope.



7. More Support

Does your company experience issues dealing with software that doesn’t quite meet your needs? Off-the-shelf software is usually just that. It’s a product that’s mass-produced and affordable, but limited when addressing specific needs. If this is an issue, your business would benefit from making a measured switch.

Customized software can grow as your company grows while also adapting with other systems. Your programs can develop as your business does because you’re directly working with developers. On top of this, there are options such as low code business solutions that can make it easier for companies to manage the daily operations of their businesses. 


Many companies can benefit from using custom software. It’s astonishing how much more efficient and dynamic a business operation can become just by developing custom programs. 


Would you like to learn more about how your business can specifically benefit? Contact Trinity today. You might learn something new about your software needs and how you can make your business much more efficient.

Scott Burday