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Our Quickbase Development Services

Software & App Development Solutions Customized for your Business

Trinity excels at working with our clients to build the exact business software solutions they need. As we like to say, “If you can define it, we can build it.” As a Quickbase Solution Provider and Quickbase Elite Partner, we develop web-based or mobile-based processes to manage everything from the very simple to the most complex processes and everything in between.


At Trinity, our solutions go beyond merely being a Quickbase app developer. We ask the questions no one else does to get to know you and your company honestly. After understanding your goals, together, we set a vision for the future of your business. We seek to go beyond the problems you are currently facing and spark growth you never knew was possible. We’ll ask you questions like:

  • What are your business goals?
  • What obstacles are you facing?
  • What processes are wasting you and your employees’ time?
  • What is frustrating for you within your company?
  • Where do you want to focus your valuable time?
  • and many more that lead to profound discoveries

We want to know!

As a Quick Base Partner, Trinity Integrated Solutions offers many business services
Trinity is a Quick Base Partner

Onboarding Process

What sets us apart at Trinity is our process. Before choosing us as your Quickbase Partner, we take the time to identify your business’s needs and how we can fill them. Every step of the way, we keep your unique goals in mind. None of Trinity's Quickbase solutions are the same. We provide you with a customized experience.

Our process has 6 steps:

  1. Understand the need
  2. Define the best practices
  3. Develop the solution
  4. Deliver a world-class application
  5. Train for business success
  6. Provide unparalleled ongoing support

This process allows Trinity to understand your goals, validate your requirements, and develop a great solution.

Custom App Development with Quickbase

Trinity has developed a growing set of Quickbase solutions that you can rely on and customize to your needs. Each application is designed with the business user in mind. 

Whether you’re seeking a new custom application or need help with an existing tool, our team will work with you so that your software solutions will be scalable and usable for your employees.

New application development process:

  • Onboarding Process: We’ll start by walking you through our 5 step process to understand and validate your business goals.
  • Plan & Design:  Our custom app development team will work with you to create a blueprint of your software solution so you’ll know what to expect. 
  • App Development: Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll deliver your custom app as efficiently as possible.
  • App & Data Integration: We’ll make sure your Quickbase app is successfully integrated into your existing business software and delivers an optimal user experience.
  • 24/7 Support: Our mission to provide seamless business solutions doesn’t stop once your custom app is up and running. If there is a problem with your software, we will be there to solve it.

Our software solutions cover a range of applications

Whatever your business needs, we’ve got it covered. These are some of the solutions our custom apps have provided for our clients:

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management

Vendor/Contract Management

Issue Reporting and Resolution

Inventory/Asset Management

Order/Request Handling

Sales Force Automation

Event Calendars

Revenue Tracking

Legal Compliance

Document Sharing

Recruiting/Candidate Tracking

Supply Chain Management

Meeting/Conference Tracking

Knowledge Management

We also offer advanced technical services such as:

  • Custom Interfaces: Branded and customized interfaces will enhance recognition and user experience.
  • Customer Portals: Engage your customer base with easy-to-use portals that connect with your app.

Data Integrations and Apps with Quickbase

Trinity understands that sometimes you need data to flow to and from your Quickbase solution, and we have a great deal of experience in integrating with your existing systems. With our software integration expertise, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience between Quickbase and your other business solutions that create your company’s foundation. 

We have extensive experience with a wide range of integrations, ranging from API integration with accounting solutions to integrations with popular file management programs, like Box and Dropbox. 

This way, you can avoid redundancy, errors, and the burden of searching between systems. With all of your company data effortlessly integrated, you can conduct your business with efficiency and ease.

Trinity is a Quick Base Partner

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