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Accounting Aid Society assists low to moderate income residents of southeast Michigan with tax preparation and education services. Taxes provide a unique moment of opportunity to connect with and build trust with clients moving along the economic mobility spectrum.


Accounting Aid Society was looking for a way to be able to service a greater number
of low-income taxpayers but not incur the burden of additional resources to do so.
Manual scheduling was cumbersome and inefficient and to increase volume 3x
would require hiring additional staff. In addition, the workflow to support the
additional volume needed to be optimized for maximum efficiency.


Trinity first led business process improvement sessions to determine how to optimize the
entire process from start to finish. A Quickbase solution was developed that
complemented the new workflow and introduced a new client self scheduling tool that
also included texting clients at key moments in the process to keep them informed. The
Quickbase solution enabled higher levels of productivity, service and quality; the trifecta
of any process improvement effort.

“The solution that Trinity delivered has not only increased AAS’ ability to schedule more taxpayers for our much-needed services but made our team so much more efficient in how we handle the entire process. Trinity was instrumental in leading our team down a path that improved productivity and increased the quality of our service.

Gabrielle Thomas
Chief Operating Officer


AAS has seen the following results from this effort:

• Staff scheduling time reduction of 90% with the new client self scheduling process
• Improvement in the quality and service level of what is delivered to clients
• AAS won the award for Crain’s 2020 Best-Managed Non-Profit due to this project

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