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CAVCOMM works with utilities, municipalities and commercial clients to install leading edge fiber optic networks.


CAVCOMM is a rapidly growing fiber optic installation company. With growth
brought many challenges including job tracking, inventory management, employee
time tracking, job costing, work and employee scheduling and overall company
communication. The CAVCOMM leadership team knew that to grow effectively they
would need to move off of spreadsheets and email.


Trinity was brought in to work with the CAVCOMM team through business process
improvement first and then develop a solution to meet those process changes. Trinity
delivered a full solution to manage the entire business workflow for CAVCOMM. From
office staff to sales team to project managers to the team members that do the fiber
installation, they can all now update all details of the job pertaining to time, materials,
labor and documents.

"The Trinity team worked with us in radically changing the way CAVCOMM executes our projects. We now have full visibility to all jobs, team members and inventory. The solution enabled us to grow the business while providing a new level of reporting for business management and insight."

Scott Cavallara


  • Full job estimating, costing and invoicing.
  • Tracking of all inventory from receipt to installation including rolling inventory.
  • Mobile application to track all team members exact job time, materials used and documents they can view and mark up. Also includes two-way messaging.
  • Job status tracking and management.

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