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CRH Americas Materials

As one of the world’s leading building products and materials companies, CRH combines the flexibility, speed and in-depth market knowledge of local businesses with the buying power, shared expertise and operational excellence of a national network.

CRH Americas Materials | TrinityCalendar Scheduling

CRH reached out to Trinity because they needed a fast solution to a big problem. The scheduling system they were using was being shut down and CRH needed a replacement immediately.

Trinity was able to evaluate the retiring system and determine that something similar, but with additional functionality, could be developed and implemented utilizing the TrinityCalendar. Within a few weeks, CRH had a new timeline view calendar up and running and the old system was turned off.

Our new scheduling calendar allows us to mimic the process and view that everyone is used to, while taking advantage of all the benefits that come from having it in the cloud. The whole transition went smoothly. Trinity was a great partner in the process!

Forrest Parker
Manager of Citizen Development


  • The code for the new calendar is all hosted in Quick Base, which removes the dependency on a 3rd party for application uptime.
  • The backend of the new system has been dramatically improved making the learning curve for new users almost non-existent
  • The TrinityCalendar implementation is flexible and configurable for the short- and long-term needs of CRH

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