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Detail MGR

Detail MGR manages detail shops for automotive dealerships, providing end-to-end service from labor to chemicals.

Trinity’s Quick Base Mobile Application Revolutionizes an Automotive Dealership’s Business

Detail MGR was manually tracking business processes, not only being inefficient, but they also could not accurately measure actual vs. targets with regards to labor and chemical usage. The dealerships they worked with required them to show service improvements over time. They also wanted to better track inventory usage and reorder points of chemicals.

Trinity developed a Quick Base mobile application to track results and report on performance. The Quick Base solution included integrated barcode scanning, Time Clock integration, and a Bluetooth portable printer to print the work order for each vehicle. Detail Manager now has quality control oversight of every vehicle.

This Quick Base mobile application has led to improved customer service, faster delivery of customer vehicles, better reporting and metrics, and an improved bottom line.

Kent Hendricks
Owner & CEO


  • Improved overall vehicle turnaround time by 25%
  • Labor and chemicals now can be tracked for improved performance saving 10%
  • Dealerships know the cost of the detail shop and performance trends
  • Inventory management for chemicals for easy reordering saving employees time

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