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Order Tracking and Laboratory Testing Workflow

Your Environmental Services, LLC is an environmental laboratory specializing in air and water testing. We serve the residential market as well as compliance testing for state and local municipalities.


Tracking and working through Orders and Tests for clients was cumbersome and
inefficient. One of the biggest bottlenecks had become hand generating water
reports and manually emailing them to clients.


A fully integrated order and test tracking application. A unified workflow which allows for
easy tracking and reporting of the data. Barcode scanning enables the quick update of
orders at each stage of the process.
A key component of the application is automated generation of water reports and
emailing to clients.

“The Quickbase solution Trinity developed gives us incredible visibility into our daily business operations and the automation of report generation and emailing is saving us approximately four to six labor hours per day. With this savings, our investment will pay for itself in the first full year of use.

Bob Coffee


• Time between completion of an order to generation of the water report is less than 1
hour. Significantly quicker than manual creation
• Provides consistent reporting across all orders and all tests
• Clients receive automated emails with the required documents in less than 1 hour after
order completion. The automated process saves almost 6 hours per day

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