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Vention Medical

Vention Medical designs, engineers and builds complex devices and components for the medical industry.

Trinity’s Quick Base Reports App Improves Efficiency at Medical Device Company

Vention Medical (recently acquired by Nordson Corporation) was manually tracking resource planning on spreadsheets wasting unnecessary time on merging multiple versions spreadsheets. They also suffered from poor reporting abilities that made it difficult to see a resource across multiple projects.

Trinity created a custom Quick Base reports app with a grid edit-style user interface that significantly improved reports and charts. This Quick Base solution also included a multi-tabbed user interface for drill down and improved visibility across resources and projects.

Vention Medical is now able to benefit from real-time updates of all data and thanks Trinity for being their Quick Base solution provider.

Now resource planning is a cinch. Trinity exceeded our expectations and delivered a flawless solution.

Aaron Cunningham
Operations, Vention Medical


  • Improved efficiency and visibility to resource allocation
  • Limitless reporting using Quick Base reports app with native reporting and charting
  • All business locations on a single data set
  • Resources are no longer over or under allocated
  • Weekly billable targets are now being met more consistently

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