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5 Industries That Benefit From Having Geocode Apps

Every single point on earth can be described with longitude and latitude. Google and Apple maps and many more platforms depend on this Geographic Information System (GIS) data to get consumers from place to place. 

Businesses, too, can create geographic information system based apps to streamline processes, reduce costs, refine marketing initiatives, and more.  

Street addresses have limits, after all. Pinpointing a customer or employee through their smartphone signal makes for more accurate interaction. For instance, a GIS-based app can help a pizza delivery person reach them at a park or beach. An ambulance trying to reach an injured hiker can’t depend on a street address. Finally, in developing countries, many homes don’t even have street addresses, yet businesses need to reach them. 

Leveraging Geocode Applications for Businesses

Smartphones can help in providing information about latitude and longitude with great precision—up to 15 feet with the help of GIS technology. Web browsers and applications by higher-end service providers are aimed at supporting geolocation features designed to provide geographic coordinates even in the absence of a smartphone.

These applications are capable of linking geographic coordinates to the respective street addresses as well. This process is referred to as reverse geocoding. The mechanism aims at taking an address and converting it into the respective geographic coordinates. In such instances, a reference dataset is required to relate the respective geo-coordinates to a given set of street addresses. 

Industries That Benefit From Geocode and GIS Solutions

Here are some of the leading industries that have significantly benefited from the introduction of geocoding apps into their day-to-day operations.


Just when we thought video-gaming couldn’t get more complex and involved, companies launched GIS-based gaming

Games like SimCity and World of Warcraft that are set in fantasy worlds don’t involve GIS. It’s the high-end games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty that depict real-life places and cities in places like California, Iraq, and others. Game developers work with GIS to keep cities, battlefields, and other locations accurate. This precision allows the players to fully immerse themselves in the given scenarios, lending the realism they’ve come to expect.  


Digital advertising tactics like sentiment analysis, coupon distribution, and more depend on location-based data to win the best return and response. GIS-based or geocode-enabled apps for location analytics create accurate, cost-effective marketing initiatives that reduce uncertainties, drive profitability, and maximize performance.

Security & Defense

Civil administrators must monitor and analyze population, traffic patterns, and crimes to keep society running smoothly. GIS-enabled utilities help in identifying specific hotspot areas while facilitating insights that can improve civil administration oversight. 

Travel & Transport

GIS apps are critical for urban planning as well as trucking and transportation companies.  If a city’s transportation department is planning to introduce a  new railway or park, they turn to GIS data for the numbers to select the routes. Trucking companies rely on GIS apps to keep track of dispatched truck locations and destination arrival times.  GIS is also helpful in monitoring road conditions and rail systems for improved performance. 

Natural Resource Management

GIS-based applications for environmental management, agriculture, mining, oceans, conservation, and forestry collect the data to make critical decisions about resource distribution, staffing, and more. 

TrinityMaps: Delivering Geocode Applications for Improved Operations

TrinityMaps showcases Trinity’s ability to provide clients with advanced geocode applications that unlock a myriad of feature-rich mapping functionalities. Utilizing the Quick Base platform and mobile applications allow users access to multiple mapping functionalities, including geocoding, distance calculation, routing and scheduling, GIS or data overlays, routing, search capabilities, and mobile workflows.

Trinity provides numerous custom business software solutions and Quick Base solutions for the business user. Quick Base is a low code, low-cost business solution and application development and online database platform that specializes in aiding business flexibility, efficiency, and communication. It is easily scalable, making it perfect for businesses of most sizes and across most industries.

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