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Leveraging the Quickbase Platform

Quickbase provides a fantastic platform to build up any business. The breadth of the applications that you can build is unlimited. As we always say, “If you can define it, Trinity can build it.” One of the reasons that many companies do not proceed with projects is the cost. Understandably, businesses must consider the cost of the development plus the cost of the platform. But, businesses that have the vision to see beyond the first application can significantly leverage the Quickbase platform to drive their overall application, and IT costs are considerably lower. 


Application Multiplication Leverage 

Most people look at the cost of an application on a per-user basis. And while that is completely valid when looking at standalone solutions, there is a way to completely change that cost methodology and look at the cost per user per application when using a single platform to develop many of your applications. That is where Quickbase can provide significant cost savings vs. segregated solutions from multiple vendors.


 Let’s say your first Quickbase application has 100 users. And the development cost of the application is $25,000. Then the cost per user for the first two years is $35 / month for this single application assuming a $25 / month Quickbase user cost. The outlay of $85,000 over two years is what most businesses look at when deciding if they should go with Quickbase or 1) a targeted cloud solution that addresses the business need or 2) an off-the-shelf, already developed commercial solution. 


But once you are on the Quickbase platform and understand its capabilities, moving to the next app will only cost you the development plus potentially some additional user licenses outside the initial group of users. Let’s say that your second Quickbase app costs $20,000 to develop, and you’ll need another 25 user licenses. Using the same 2-year term, the cost per user per application is now $20. 


Moving onto the third application, the development cost is another $30,000 but is used within the same 125 user group of the first two apps. The cost for the same 2-year term per user per application is now $17. 


The leverage continues as you build out additional Quickbase applications. Instead of investing in multiple vendors, multiple applications, various platforms, and the ongoing maintenance and support costs with each one, you have a single platform that you pay for and can leverage its capabilities. 

Long-Term Solutions

Trinity has seen many companies be able to eliminate other solutions and platforms and consolidate all their applications onto the Quickbase platform. In some cases, they have actually saved money by doing so. 

Whereas asset utilization is a primary measure in a lot of businesses, application platform utilization can also be a significant leverage point to reduce application, and IT costs. 


When using the same application platform across your business; training a user on a new application becomes significantly easier. Once a user understands and has used a Quickbase application, moving to the next application is almost second nature. They already understand the interface and all the capabilities; they just need to learn the business process of the new app. Training and uptake are significantly faster. 


Leveraging Quickbase with Trinity

Trinity works with many clients to help them achieve productivity, service, and quality improvements. Trinity has been a Quickbase Solution Provider (QSP) for 14+ years and has a lot of expertise in developing and enhancing Quickbase applications. We understand what it takes to build great Quickbase applications to meet your exact business needs.


For more information about Trinity and a demonstration of our capabilities, contact our team and we’ll be happy to connect with you.

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