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Trinity Integrated Systems Announces Acquisition of BlueWell Group

Press Release

Frisco, TX, Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 2024 – Trinity Integrated Solutions, a leader in providing comprehensive Quickbase solutions, is thrilled to announce its latest strategic expansion with the acquisition of BlueWell Group, a fellow Quickbase Partner. This significant development, effective as of today, marks a new chapter in Trinity’s pursuit of excellence and innovation in the field of business process solutions.

The acquisition of BlueWell Group is a testament to Trinity’s commitment to enhancing its service offerings and expertise in the industry. With this merger, Trinity further strengthens its position as an Elite Quickbase Partner, providing tailored Quickbase solutions to over 500 clients, spanning thousands of applications. The official completion of this acquisition symbolizes a significant step forward in Trinity’s strategy to broaden its reach and deepen their capabilities in delivering exceptional business process solutions.

This acquisition is not just a merger of two companies but a fusion of shared values and visions. Trinity and BlueWell Group are aligned in their industry expertise, business processes, and, most importantly, their corporate cultures. This synergy promises to upgrade Trinity’s ability to serve their clients with even more innovative and efficient solutions. Trinity looks forward to integrating BlueWell Group’s unique strengths and talents into their broad spectrum of business solutions. The Trinity team is confident that this union will drive unparalleled value for our clients and stakeholders alike.

For more information about Trinity and our range of Quickbase solutions, please visit our website at For further inquiries regarding this acquisition, please contact us.


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