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A construction worker squints in the heat while monitoring the weather on his tablet.

Why You Should Use a Weather Monitoring System at Job Sites

Anyone who has managed a job site has dealt with weather conditions that have delayed their project. Weather is a tricky factor for any industry that conducts business outdoors. Every company that operates outside has dealt with changing weather conditions. 

Everyone from the construction industry to event companies to general contractors has to deal with this constant challenge.

If a project is delayed by weather, demanding clients sometimes create disputes around weather delays! On the flip side, weather can even damage equipment or a job site: forcing costs to climb. 


What Weather Monitoring Systems Do

Weather monitoring solutions, like TrinityWeather, provide automated weather tracking that makes tracking weather at any job site easy. 

Weather monitoring systems are ideal for helping your business log and track weather to identify why delays occur. You can also utilize historical information to see how the weather might impact your operations or how microclimates might affect your job site. 

Weather monitoring can be helpful to account for missed deadlines with a client. You can reference your TrinityWeather data to show any project delays. 


There are multiple types of weather data to consider in construction management:

  • Historical Data: Past weather trends are useful for planning long-term or multi-year projects.
  • Weather Forecasts: Perfect for weekly scheduling, planning, and project management.

The TrinityWeather weather monitoring system showing a three-day forecast for a specific location.

How a Weather Tracker Can Help You Deal With Extreme Weather

It’s pretty simple. TrinityWeather is a Quickbase add-on that captures weather details and provides valuable reporting and trend analysis. The TrinityWeather add-on is a weather monitoring system: you merely enter your job site location and start collecting local weather data. 

As you can see above, weather data is automatically collected, and you can capture the weather as many times per day as needed for historical reporting.


Weather Factors to Consider

Risk management is a massive aspect of project success. The construction industry, in particular, deals with adverse weather conditions as a primary factor of risk management. This is due to safety precautions and delays that invariably arise due to bad weather. 

Utilizing an add-on like TrinityWeather within your Quickbase application can improve project planning and increase flexibility. It’s nice to check up with an app that works on your mobile phone and integrates with your project management software. This way, your entire team can access the information with their Quickbase applications.


Making Business Process Automation Easy

At Trinity, we have substantial experience working with clients to automate their business processes.

We use Quickbase because it’s a low-code business application customized to meet your precise requirements. We’re all about making business process improvement easy to integrate with existing business operations. 

Many companies are dealing with outdated systems and processes. Plain and simple. Our solutions are designed for total business process improvement to help increase efficiency. 

We like to use the following adjectives to describe our service: seamless, customized, and secure. Trinity works with clients to improve efficiency, increase service levels, and upgrade the quality of their output. 

Our team can easily integrate our TrinityWeather add-on with your existing work management tools on your Quickbase platform. Contact us today to streamline your business and make weather less of a worry – and more of a factor that can be dealt with logically. 

Request a Demo

Feel free to schedule a no-obligation consultation call today! It’s an excellent opportunity to speak with a team member and view a demo of TrinityWeather in action.

Scott Burday