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business process improvement

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Focus On Process Improvement

What is Business Process Improvement?


Business process improvement (BPI) is a practice of analyzing business procedures to identify where improvements can be made. After pinpointing those areas, the next step is to transform those procedures to allow for increased accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency


How Can Business Process Improvement Transform Your Business?


A successful BPI campaign starts with defining a company’s goals and taking a look at the current processes in place. Are these processes supporting the goals? Oftentimes, they could actually be hindering them.


Thus, company leaders must clearly identify every process within the organization that has room for improvement. Through the use of business process automation tools, companies can increase the ease and efficiency of various key processes.


For example, a company might store its customer data on business spreadsheets. Locating a specific data point in the future could be challenging, especially if files aren’t organized or properly updated.  The result will be inefficient and unsatisfying customer interactions. Data could be their best friend, if only it was quickly and easily discoverable. This is just one example where business process improvement could be leveraged.


Regardless of field or niche, every business relies on key processes. Business leaders should look into revamping any processes that benefit from adjustments. Depending on the level of inefficiency, these adjustments could result in substantial improvements.  


5 Benefits of Business Process Improvement


What sets successful businesses apart? Successful companies consistently implement business process improvement solutions when needed, and they keep ongoing tabs on efficiency.


Here are five compelling benefits of using project management tools to improve business processes:


  1. Organizational Agility


Businesses of all sizes have to adapt quickly as the market changes. Companies that fail to keep up will eventually fall behind. This is why business agility is so important. Adopting software solutions that enable business process improvement is a key element of embodying agility.


Trinity helps companies adapt to new technologies, such as advanced cloud services and scalable, flexible business software solutions. These innovative systems allow businesses to continually adjust processes as needed over time.


  1. Improve Productivity


Improving productivity is a universal business goal. BPI solutions are great for automating processes that would otherwise be done manually. Not only does refusing to automate waste employees’ time, but these tasks are often prone to manual errors.


By removing redundancies and troublesome bottlenecks, efficiency naturally skyrockets. Improved productivity permits team members to spend time working on more important projects and reduces operational costs.


  1. Lower Security Risk


While we wish it wasn’t true, business come with a variety of security risks. To minimize vulnerability to fraudulent activities, leaders have to stay vigilant.


At the heart of customer service is the protection of valuable data. Many business process improvement tools exist that have great security and monitoring measures built in.


For more about cloud security, check out our blog: 5 Reasons Cloud Security is Safer Than Traditional Security


  1. Boost Employee Morale


Nothing discourages employees more than having to deal with process inefficiencies. By giving your workforce the tools they need to work efficiently, their productivity and job satisfaction will boost as a result.


BPI solutions deliver two other workforce benefits for companies: Measurability and sustainability. Measurability holds everyone in an organization accountable for their performance and sustainability allows businesses to improve processes on a daily basis.


All around, BPI will help your employees achieve their best work with fewer distractions and frustrations.


  1. Make Customer Service Priority Number One


Customers want efficient and quality service. While slow, unreliable processes are annoying for employees, they leave an even worse impression on your customers. No one wants to wait around or repeatedly give you the same information.


Customer service should be the first priority of any company. Service-focused businesses, from hospitals to hotels, could greatly benefit from the implementation of a BPI solution. This case study with Defenshield showed how a new CRM application enhanced their business process by organizing their customer data and improving their quote delivery for customers.


Turn to Trinity for Business Process Improvement


Trinity is team of experts in business process improvement. Although we are best known as a respected Quick Base Gold Partner, our BPI knowledge extends beyond applications.


We are able to pinpoint a company’s productivity, service and quality challenges and develop a solution that’s a perfect fit for their goals. Before you choose Trinity as your business solution provider, we take the time to get to know your company and build a comprehensive plan.


Trinity’s formula for success is to:

  • Understand the need
  • Define the best practices
  • Develop the solution
  • Deliver a world class application
  • Train for success
  • Provide unparalleled ongoing support

Flexibility and scalability are integral to the solutions we develop, since Trinity understands that growing businesses evolve over time. For over 21 years, Trinity has worked with clients to improve their efficiency, increase service levels, and upgrade their quality of output.


Scott Burday