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Defenshield Inc.

Defenshield designs and produces a range of custom armor solutions to meet all anti-terror, force protection, and physical security requirements for customers such as the DoD, ten different Federal agencies, and law enforcement organizations around the world.

Defenshield Improves Quote Delivery Process with Quick Base CRM Application

Prior to hiring Trinity as their Quick Base provider, Defenshield never had reliable sales and customer data to manage the company further than a couple weeks. The team at Defenshield spent years looking for the best customer relationship management program to meet the specific needs of the company and thankfully have definitely found the right product and company to work with.

Defenshield wanted to have a system that tracked not only people but products, quality lead levels, quotes, and purchase orders. The Trinity team built the Defenshield Quick Base CRM application exactly the way Defenshield wanted it and incorporated many changes along the way

The team at Trinity built a CRM system to meet the exact needs of our company. Everything from customer management, to quoting, to reporting; Trinity made it happen after years of looking for the right solution.

Jordan Settle
Vice President


  • Oversight of 100% of all quotes to customers with the Quick Base CRM application
  • Historical sales data which tracks customers, communications, and orders
  • Tracking of all new leads and contact information for all potential customers
  • Able to track what part of the process quotes are in for government customers

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