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how much does quick base cost

How Much Does Quickbase Really Cost?

There’s a common question many businesses ask when considering a new business investment, like Quickbase: How much does it cost? 

You want to know the ins and outs: initial cost, maintenance fees, and any other hidden charges.  These are all fair questions and one’s we will explore. When it comes to a business investment, like software, overall ROI is ultimately one of the most important considerations. 

What is Quickbase?

Quickbase is an application development platform that gives businesses the ability to quickly create custom applications to improve workflow process automation, project management, and more.

These apps are tailored to the way you run your business. They are user-friendly and can integrate with most programs you are already running.

Since Quickbase is a cloud-based platform, it can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. Users have real-time updates of information, reports, documentation, and scheduling. 

Having important information readily available anywhere and anytime improves business processes. Quickbase also utilizes top notch security measures to ensure the integrity of your information. 

So…. How Much Does Quickbase Cost?

As with any good or service, there is always a price tag involved. The real question that needs answering is, how much you are willing to spend to ensure your workflow and processes boost your bottom line?

Quickbase Pricing for 2019

Quickbase has various tiers of access. Each level increases how much you can do with your membership. 

Every level offers the ability to:

  • Create desktop applications that are mobile device ready
  • Integrate data from most API platforms
  • Store files in a cloud-based system that provides real-time updates
  • Assign roles and permissions within the app to control who has access
  • Securely access your stored information on the go, wherever you have internet access
  • Rest assured that your data is kept private through the strictest compliance certifications



Premier is a great starting point for companies that have at least 20 employees that will use the programs. It allows users to create up to 50 customized applications.  


For business with at least 40 users, this program allows up to 100 customized applications. 

Companies also have the ability to Audit Logs of users on the system and have greater synchronization through integration with your companies Identity and Access Management systems.


This level offers a fully customized package, depending on your business needs. With all the abilities of both Premier and Platform but for larger companies that need a lot of licenses.

The cost for each level will vary depending on how your package is structured and the number of users needed.  Current Quickbase pricing can be found here.

It’s All About the ROI of Quickbase 

The value you can get from the Quickbase platform is amazing.  But, as a business owner or leader, you have to ask yourself the big question; what is the return on my investment with Quickbase?

Quickbase customers have been known to have ROI’s of 260%! With a number like that, it makes the value of the platform very clear. 

With Quickbase, you have:

1. Mobilization of Business Processes

All your custom-built apps are automatically ready to be used on the go wherever you have internet access. 

Laptops, tablets, as well as smart phones, all have the same access. And with a cloud-based platform, you always have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

2. Increased Accuracy and Visibility of Data

Manual data entry with traditional business spreadsheets are error prone, time-consuming, and inefficient. 90% of all spreadsheets contain at least one significant error, according to a study conducted by Market Watch

Quickbase can automate data to populate various softwares you need, saving you from costly errors and dramatically increasing your employee’s productivity. 

3. Fewer Time-Consuming Maintenance Issues

Normally, companies must deal with IT departments when they have issues with programs. When they are backlogged, this can potentially shut down a business. 

By having a third-party handling the application end, your internal IT department can handle the pertinent issues and keep the workflow processes running optimally. 

Another benefit is redundancy. You are not locked into one path into your information. Quickbase has the ability to keep you up and running should there be a technological issue, all without compromising their state-of-the-art compliance standards.

4. Gain A Competitive Advantage

A company always wants to remain ahead of its competition. When you fall behind due to your software setup, you can easily find yourself in the stone age, technologically speaking. 

Software goes out of date. The benefit of having a partnership with Quickbase is that your company remains malleable to current trends in the business cycle. 

5. Leverage Cost with of Quickbase Applications

Quickbase has another beneficial feature. When you solely rely on Quickbase for all your application development needs, the more you add, the less expensive it becomes. 

6. Reduce Costs

When you have multiple vendors handling your business needs, then you have multiple licenses to purchase for your team to use those services. 

When you allow Quickbase to handle all your app development needs, then you already have the licenses, the only cost will be for the building of the next application.

You also save money on training your employees on a new system, then relying on them to remember the differences between them all.

7. Improved Integrations

One of the greatest benefits of the Quickbase platform is that is has a very robust API to help connect solutions together.

SalesForce, Slack, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and MailChimp are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to integrations that work within the Quickbase platform. 

Make the Most of Your Quickbase Investment with Trinity

Quick Base Partner of the Year 2019

Trinity is a Quickbase Solution Provider. We develop amazing Quickbase applications with our extensive business process expertise. As the top Quickbase Solution Provider of 2019, we have a robust history of happy clients who can attest to our value. 

By streamlining business processes like workflows, project management, asset and inventory management, document sharing, scheduling, and so many others you save your company time, so your team members can focus on more valuable tasks. 

Flexibility and scalability are integral to these solutions, since Trinity understands that growing businesses evolve over time. For over 21 years, Trinity has worked with clients to improve their efficiency, increase service levels, and upgrade their quality of output.

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