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5 Tips for Remotely Managing Your Workforce During the COVID-19 Crisis

Imagine that you found a time machine and went back in time to the beginning of 2020. Imagine telling your co-workers that in a few months the whole company would be working from home, the economy would be on the brink of recession, and the entire world would be battling the biggest pandemic since 1918. 

They probably would have laughed at you. 

Very few people aside from experts such as Bill Gates saw this coming. Whether we were prepared for a recession or not, few of us were prepared for the combination of a deadly pandemic and a subsequent economic downturn. 

And that’s okay. You don’t have to be hard on yourself because of this. What you should do is compose yourself, rally the troops, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Your country, your company, and your family will overcome this pandemic and recession. 

At Trinity, we’ve had many clients come to us asking for advice on how to remotely manage a workforce – and how to implement it fast. After all, our company is a 100% remote organization! We have experience in these spaces, and we can happily assist your team in rolling out the custom software applications and digital solutions that you need. Many of our products are perfect for constructing a remote company that is fast, straightforward, and streamlined.

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How to Manage Your Workforce Remotely (Despite a Global Pandemic)

Below are five strategies for effectively managing your workforce during the COVID-19 crisis. We use our products as an example – and you aren’t limited to using these. But we can faithfully state that ours are almost certainly the best!

Pace the Transition

We understand that this is a crucial time for many businesses to stay afloat. It’s swim or sink right? Absolutely, but there should be an adjustment period for employees to come to grips with new remote workplace procedures and systems. Train employees without rushing them and slowly introduce the new applications and processes. If you rush this transition process, it may lead to serious mistakes that nobody can afford to make. It’s a cliché, but slow and steady wins the race. 

Embrace the Cloud Workspace

If your organization hasn’t already, this is an opportune time to digitize your apps, storage, operations, and communications and go paperless. Migrating can be difficult at first, but the efficiency gained will be massively rewarding.

Working with the cloud is an opportunity to use software such as Quick Base to centralize and streamline your business operation while using apps that work together to make your workload easier. 

Enhance Your Scheduling Tools

We recommend using a cloud-based solution to enhance your calendar and scheduling capabilities. There are excellent solutions available for online scheduling such as TrinityCalendar, which is fully integrated with Quick Base. It has a multitude of features for flexible scheduling.  It’s much more cost-effective to have a reliable scheduling and calendar platform that doesn’t have ongoing costs.

Take Advantage of Digital Signatures

Using an application such as TrinitySignature enables you to capture a digital signature in Quick Base and mobile applications. Digital signatures are great, especially when your HR department is sick of dealing with physical signatures that need to be printed, filed, and transferred again. Digital signatures/eSignatures are dated with full details.

Implement a Time & Attendance System

Many of your employees will be completely new to working from home. It’s becoming quickly apparent that solutions for tracking this transition are critical. It’s important to ensure that employees are spending time wisely and don’t lose productivity. Nobody wants the company to get lost in the transition phase of managing an entirely remote workforce. 

We can help your company track employee hours using a time and attendance system. These are paperless programs on the cloud that help your team manage employee time, attendance, payroll and benefits all in one place. This helps your organization maintain efficiency across the board. 

Applications Designed to Your Specification

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, our clients have requested methods to quickly and accurately track employee assets, expense management, time tracking, PTO and much more. 

Fortunately, Trinity has a wide range of experience in these spaces and we are happy to assist your organization in rolling out the necessary solutions you need in an expedited manner. We understand that time is of the essence!

We’re a Quick Base Gold Partner and our team are experts in business process improvement and Quick Base application development. Think of this crisis as an opportunity to revamp your systems and processes. By combining our Quick Base solutions and our business process expertise, we develop a customized plan to upgrade your business. By automating processes, you will see improved efficiency and quality of output.

In addition to process improvement strategies, as a Quick Base Solution Provider, we specialize in application development. Web-based or mobile-based, we utilize the Quick Base platform to curate the perfect business technology solution for your organization. 

Our unofficial slogan is that ‘if you can define it, we can build it’. At Trinity, we try to make implementation of new systems smooth and easy. We integrate your current systems with Quick Base and sync all your external data. On top of this, we walk your team through the process. We want to eliminate the chances of any issues during the transition phase occurring. 

Let’s optimize your operations. 

Scott Burday