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The Top Business Process Automation Tools for Supply Chains in 2023

As we enter 2023, it’s a great time to look ahead at important automation trends for warehouses, shippers, and logistics teams. The world is changing rapidly and it’s up to these segments to keep up with cutting-edge tools and techniques. 

Before we dive into the best business process automation tools, let’s look at some predictions that we may see going into the New Year. These predictions will influence what types of operations automation tools business owners should focus on. 

2023 Supply Chain Trends

There’s no denying that we have seen major changes in the supply chain and logistics industries over the past few years. Sparked by COVID-19, we have seen labor shortages, demand surges, and changes in how we consume goods and services. With all of this change, it’s no wonder that we continue to see new trends emerge every year. 

Wondering what 2023 will hold for supply chain and logistics teams? Here are just a few predictions:

Smart Logistics

In an age where AI can write and create art, it’s no surprise that smart logistics solutions will become more popular this year, especially if we continue to see such a labor shortage. Using next-generation robotics and the internet of things (IoT), we may see a disruption in the supply chain. Smart tools and technology are only getting more advanced.

A Constricting Freight Market

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices were up 9.1% in June 2022, which is the largest increase in inflation in 40 years. Because of rising inflation and interest rates, we’ve seen the freight market constrict and supply chain executives contemplate their SKU reductions. Economists predict that at least in the first part of 2023, we will continue to see this soft freight market with consumer purchasing still down. In addition, we may see companies consider if their products can be redesigned with cheaper raw materials as these costs continue to rise, as well. 

More Visibility Into Supply Chain Tiers

Over the past year, we saw the impact of supply chain disruptions across countless industries, from new and used cars to lumbar. There are many reasons for these disruptions. One notable reason is that very few companies (2%) have visibility into their suppliers in the third tier of their supply chain and beyond, according to a survey from McKinsey. This means that when something happens, such as the nuclear disaster we saw at Fukushima, companies are left floundering because they have no control over these supply chain shortages. 

This lack of visibility has prompted many companies to revisit their data and identify these upstream tiers of suppliers. Using things like artificial intelligence, this previously manual process can now be automated and we will see that in 2023 and beyond.

ESG Compliance 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices have continued to rise in the past few years and with the Germany Supply Chain Due DIligence Act coming into effect in January 2023, we will see that ESG becomes an even higher priority. This act will require businesses to monitor their entire supply chains for human rights violations and environmental degradation. This isn’t the first ESG compliance we’ve seen, but because this new act is so encompassing, it will impact many businesses and it holds significant penalties if violated.

Now that we understand some of the biggest trends coming to the supply chain industry in 2023, let’s look at how operation automation tools can help businesses stay on top of these, and many other, trends.

The Best Business Process Automation Tools for 2023

Automation is the key to growth in 2023 and beyond. With the proper business process automation tools, you can do more with less and focus on scaling your business in an ever-changing world. 

Here are some of the best business process automation tools for businesses in 2023:

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures can help you streamline your business operations because you can capture a digital signature and use it on all your forms and outputs. With TrinitySignature, you can use your digital signature directly in the Quickbase app, making signing forms and documents a breeze. With the amount of data coming through your business, streamlining things like signatures saves you time.

API Integrations

API integrations make it possible to sync all your important tools together in one place to save you time, money, and efficiency. In today’s world of interconnected data, these syncs are not just important, they’re required. With TrinitySync, you can sync Quickbase to all your other software platforms and create a system that works for you. With the tool, you can sync things like your:

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Email service provider
  • VoIP
  • Accounting software
  • Payroll platform
  • Help desk
  • Document management tool
  • Social media profiles
  • And more!

Mobile Apps

You may not initially think of mobile apps as business process automation tools, but they can dramatically improve a team’s productivity through custom and focused workflow processes. Our app, TrinityMobile, is completely integrated with Quickbase and in it, you can design custom workflows, do tasks in Quickbase like scan barcodes and upload photos on the go, and boost your overall productivity right from your smartphone. Plus, the app is optimized with true mobile workflows and is easy to use.

Advanced Mapping Capabilities

Unlock a myriad of mapping functionality with a Quickbase geocode app like TrinityMaps. With our advanced mapping capabilities, you can calculate distances, route your Quickbase orders, create optimized routes and schedules, get data overlays, and much more. As mentioned earlier, data is everything in 2023 and advanced mapping is an operations automation tool businesses need. 

Barcode Scanning

What if there was a way that you could optimize your asset and inventory management with one simple operations automation tool? With TrinityScan, there is! We offer a Quickbase barcode scanning system with extensive capabilities, including being able to work with barcodes and RFID in multiple processes and applications. Managing your assets and inventory has never been so simple.

Digital Scheduling Tools

Lastly, digital scheduling is a business process automation tool that nearly every company can benefit from. Gone are the days of endless email chains trying to schedule a meeting. With a digital scheduling tool like TrinityScheduler, you can seamlessly schedule meetings, tasks, and appointments. Plus, it integrates directly with Quickbase, making your business processes and workflows even more efficient. We are going to see a renewed focus on company collaboration in 2023 and easy scheduling tools are non-negotiable. 

Make Your Business Operations More Efficient with Trinity

There’s no telling what 2023 will bring, but we can safely assume that operational efficiency will continue to be a priority for successful businesses. Using cutting-edge business process automation tools, you can save time and money and keep your company running efficiently. Want to see Trinity tools in action? Contact us to learn about our Quickbase application development and business consulting services. We customize each solution to your specific business needs.

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