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License Tracking and Management

Your central source for tracking and managing Loan Originators.

This powerful license management software allows complete tracking and oversight of the work done by your licensing team. Now, you can automate your licensing process with seamless, streamlined reporting.

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Key Functionality Highlights

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License Tracking is a powerful application that provides real-time licensing data to keep your team informed and on track.

The License Tracking and Management application makes tracking loan originator data easy. Explore these key features:

  • Branch Tracking: Track deliverables and monitor multiple branches on how they are managing their Loan Originators.
  • Branch Management: Track the current license status of your employees by state.
  • Manage License Renewals: Manage renewal process with data imported from the NMLS.
  • Customize and Automate: Select important features to display on your dashboard.
  • Reporting You Need: Access real-time reporting on due-dates, activities, and submission requirements.
  • Capture Trending Data: Capture and accumulate valuable data to inform strategic decisions.

License Tracking and Management for Loan Originators

Simplify your license management and renewal process with our loan originator application. Straight-forward state requirements load automatically for each licensing status to ensure your team abides by varying state guidelines. Flexible reporting templates keep your team informed and on track. Also, you get the added benefit of custom dashboards made specifically for each user with automatic notifications to streamline your business process.

Never Miss a Deadline With Licensing Data at Your Fingertips.

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