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An appointment scheduling app solution

With TrinityAppointment's self-scheduling appointment solution, customers can easily schedule time on your calendar. Our solution offers a custom interface integrated with your Quickbase application for open appointments and input from your customers.

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TrinityAppointment is an Appointment Scheduling Solution for Quickbase Applications

Key Functionality Highlights

Screenshot of the Trinity Appointment platform
Screenshot of the Trinity Appointment platform

With TrinityAppointment incorporated into your Quickbase application, you’ll be able to:

  • SETUP workflows and pre-qualifying questions.
  • SELECT from available appointments on a calendar.
  • ENABLE multi-location scheduling.
  • COLLECT Customer information during scheduling process.
  • VIEW AND MANAGE appointments In your Quickbase app.

Engage Your Customers With Interactive Scheduling

TrinityAppointment schedules meetings professionally and efficiently, wiping out the struggle of back-and-forth emails. This Quickbase add-on enables straightforward scheduling by only offering times that work with your availability. By eliminating the hassle of scheduling, you can get back to what you do best.

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