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Telecom construction manager investigates the advantages of cloud software.

How Cloud-Based Construction Management Solutions Benefit Telecom Infrastructure Projects

March 20, 2023

Cloud-based construction management solutions are an innovative technology revolutionizing how construction projects are managed. Cloud-based applications help construction companies, contractors and suppliers streamline their work processes and boost efficiency. One of the key sectors that is starting to adopt this technology is the telecommunications industry. The telecommunications industry has complex construction projects, ranging from building…

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How to Future-Proof Your Business with Today’s Business Technology

April 2, 2020

If you’ve been in the business world for over 10 years, take a moment and consider how much technology has drastically altered the workplace and your day-to-day work life. Here’s just a few that I’ve used in the past week or so: Taking an Uber to the next business meeting.  Using Zoom instead of flying…

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10 Tips for Going Paperless

March 5, 2020

So, your company has decided to go paperless. Congratulations! You’re ready to save massive amounts of money and physical space. You’re ready to streamline your organization by making everything fast, effective, and digital. You realized that going paperless can boost your corporate efficiency, automate all that administrative paperwork, and make life much easier for your…

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Inventory management with barcode scanning

5 Ways To Improve Your Inventory Management With Barcode Scanning

March 26, 2019

Does your business efficiently deal with inventory? Asset tracking can be complicated, especially if you don’t have the right tools in place. However, if you’re struggling to develop the right processes, you’re not alone. Poor inventory management isn’t just stressful. It can result in lost customers and a damaged reputation. Don’t worry; there is a…

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cloud workspace

8 Ways a Cloud Workspace Can Save Your Company Time and Money

February 28, 2019

Every business, large or small, has critical data and information. From employee and client information to sales and inventory data, these records need to be accessible and secure. You want to retrieve information with just a click and be able to update it when needed. What Is a Cloud Workspace? We hear this statement often:…

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low code application development benefits

[Infographic] The Many Benefits of Low Code Application Development

January 17, 2019

“By 2020, 60% of all fast-mode application development projects will be done outside of IT teams” – Gartner Low code development platforms, such as Quick Base, simplify the app creation process significantly. They do so by offering a great user interface and removing the complicated, code-heavy obstacles of traditional computer programming.  Choosing a low code…

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cloud security

5 Reasons Cloud Security is Safer than Traditional Security

December 20, 2018

Adopting a cloud solution is becoming increasingly more common. Nowadays, up to 86% of companies utilize the cloud, and for good reason. It offers a plethora of advantages in efficiency and flexibility. However, with its rise in popularity, some security concerns have garnered attention. What are Cloud Services? The cloud platform delivers real time computing…

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